Care and Cleaning Guide

Care and Cleaning Guide

To achieve long-lasting enjoyment of your Ducko Down quality product, please be sure to follow the CARE INSTRUCTIONS on the label at all times.


  • Use a separate duvet cover to minimise soiling.
  • Shake the duvet daily and air regularly.
  • The duvet is easy care and rarely requires being totally washed.
  • Spillages: Gently dab up excess spillage before removing the duvet cover. Rinse affected area under the tap with cold water. Dab with an absorbent cloth and dry thoroughly on washing line.
  • General soiling: Shake the filling to the one end. Gently hand wash at the other end with a weak solution of warm water and soft detergent. Rinse and dab dry.
    • Repeat process on the other end if required and hang duvet to dry (avoiding direct sunlight). When completely dry, shake the filling to restore plushness.
  • Machine wash: Use small quantities of soft detergent and select cold wash with slow spin.
  • Avoid hanging product out to dry in direct sunlight.
  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES use fabric softener or bleach.

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