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We craft beautiful duck down products that offer superb quality, durability and value for money. It redefines our clients’ sleep experience, ensuring that they enjoy a luxurious, soft, warm and comfortable night’s rest.

All Ducko’s down and feathers are LOCALLY PRODUCED from certified free range ducks.

The feathers are washed and sterilised on the premises, after which they are sorted and filled into our now famous duvets, pillows, scatters, and sleeping bags. All products can be made up to your required specifications and preferences. We pride ourselves on delivering prompt, customer orientated service.

Our clientele consist of online shoppers, customers we meet at exhibitions, interior decorators, as well as furniture manufacturers.

Our sustainable practices, along with our environmentally friendly methods, ensure that we continue operating as an ecologically conscious organisation. We proactively manage and integrate environmentally orientated systems and procedures into every aspect of our business to guarantee best-practices that will leave a legacy for future generations of which we can be proud of.

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