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Ducko, trading under Heiwentho (Pty) Ltd, was founded in the late 1960s under the name of Blue Waters Duck Farm, as one of the first commercial Pekin Duck farms to operate in South Africa. Ducko’s rich history starts with founders Hermann Reiners, a plumber by profession, who just emigrated from Germany. On a piece of land, inherited by his young wife Edda (a qualified and very passionate nurse) the couple looked for a way to utilise the land. With very little resources and no experience, they started Ducko in a little German community in the area, named Kroondal. Over the years their endurance, hard work and passionate dedication paid off as the business flourished into well-established duck down producer in South Africa.

The farm was entrusted to the next generation in the early 1990s. Amidst ups and downs the management team expanded. With the help of their loyal employees they diligently forged ahead and continued to expand and develop into a modern duck farm that is built on the strong foundations of its founders.

Following many years of family tradition, devotion and passion, the third generation is now nurturing their own visions for further development and continuance of the legacy.

“Over the years the loyalty, dedication and reliance of Ducko’s employees, as well their contribution to the success of the farm, have been evident. Amongst other valued long-term relations, we are proud to have two generations of Rakotos and Mashabas working alongside each other on the farm, with their third generation growing up within our midst.”

The following cornerstones of our business give us direction and align us as a team:

We strive to leave a heritage as a respected and trusted duck processing farm, with our responsibility to the natural environment and our community being the driving force of everything we do.

It is our mission to provide our customers with high quality duck down and feather products, through a sustainable business that evolves according to demands and trends by customers and other factors that directly influence its existence.

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